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Your Assets, Legally Protected

Your problem

Organizing and legally protecting business data can be hard, and expensive for startups, research labs and inventors. Administrative delays, bottlenecks, and legal fees makes it difficult to get quick and reliable legal proof of their ownership. Legal validation through notaries or administrative authorities is slow and costly. Business information leaking could put any company out of business.

Our solution

Our legal and technology experts offer you an optimal strategy for IP protection through our technology. How? Very easy:

  • We encrypt your data and register it under a blockchain protocol adapted to your business needs.

  • Our recordkeeping services not only help you certify your data legally and give you a timestamp of the information recorded.

  • We organize your data in portfolios that you can easily manage. Anyone can review the integrity of the information that you registered under our blockchain, encrypted or not.

Our Technology

We certify any digital file registered under any format, including audio video: doc., pdf., xlsx., mp3, mp4. or any other containing valuable information of your business.

  • Designs

  • Prototypes

  • Operational manuals

  • Software and algorithms

  • Trade secrets

  • Contracts

  • Client lists

  • Any business information, confidential or not.

You decide whether you want to preserve the information confidential or whether you want to timestamp it to certify your ownership.

  • Our technology protects these files by creating digital fingerprints of the information that we register in a distributed network (ledgers). We protect these files with asymmetric cryptography and administering them with smart contracts.

  • Our technology creates registries and virtual routes protected with unique cryptographic layers.

  • Our coprocessor is certified at levels 3 and 4 of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) using the Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules.

Why Us?

  • Because we combine different blockchain platforms, offering you not only a trustworthy recordkeeping service, but also one that is adapted to the needs of your company.

  • Because you don’t need to install any software in your computer. All encryption is performed locally with the most advanced algorithms.

  • Because we carry out every transaction with absolute transparency, ensuring that the information remains immutable. In other words, we make sure that no hacker can steal these files.

  • Because our certificates are legally binding in countries where digital evidence is admitted as legal proof.

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